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It’s early in the morning and I’m listening to our latest song “Canadian Girl”. It is the type of song that gets you up and moving with its energetic, dance/pop sound! This song is inspired by and dedicated to the liberated women who loves life and cherishes her freedom.

 By Bina Asya Akhoundov

This was a very exciting song for NARIA to record. We had the chance to experiment with some very different sounds and fun harmonies as well. We have this performance ritual we do together before going on stage where we join hands and chant N-A-R-I-A. It is silly and fun and gets us into the spirit. You can hear us in the song doing that along with some other light hearted silliness and laughter. It was an exhilarating time we shared both recording the track and making the video for it.

On the day of the shoot we set out early morning on Friday May 4th, 2012. Timmie’s coffees and bagels in hand we headed to Bina Asya Akhoundov photography studio. Here we got ready with our hair and makeup and then Bina took some very glam pictures of us. All the while she was shooting us our videographer Sebastian Stern was filming us. It was great fun having both cameras rolling at all times!

When we had finished the photo shoot we headed out to our downtown Toronto locations. We shot at Dundas Square, The Distillery District, The Beaches and the CN Tower.Luckily for us the weather cooperated with our schedule and it didn’t end up raining like it was suppose to. Phew!

We had a few funny experiences along the way, one of which was while we were releasing the doves at the CN Tower. Anna isn’t so fond of birds, but being the animal lover she is she took a huge breath, closed her eyes and held on to her dove for dear life! Big kudos go to her for being fearless in the moment .

Oh yeah, then after we released them we were all tapping our toes waiting for the doves to come back so we could get our second (surely much better) shot of this scene. Unfortunately for us they were on their way back to King City to rest up for their next big adventure. Thanks to our very skillful videography we got the shot in one go (insert Anna ‘s HUGE sigh of relief) .

After many funny foibles along the way we ended our day in Dundas Square. We wanted to make sure we captured some of Toronto’s prettiest and brightest lights at night to show them off. This turned out to be the hardest location due to the hustle and bustle that was all around. Regardless, our skillful and very patient team endured and they got some great shots in the end. We finished the night with a much earned shot of Baileys and our now ritualistic N-A-R-I-A chant! Fun!

Here is the video on our Youtube channel. Enjoy!

Video of Canadian Girl by NARIA


Canadian Girl”written by Katya Tchoubar, Romina di Gasbarro and rap by Michelle Danese and Francesco Plameri. Produced by Dima Graziani, mastered by Brian Gardner aka Big Bass.


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  1. “Canadian Girl by NARIA – Naria” was indeed really
    compelling and educational! Within the present day world that’s hard to carry out.
    Thanks, Melina

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