Creating our debut album: “Opera Pop Supernova”!

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It is almost unbelievable to think that Naria came together less than one year ago and we are already set to release our debut album. What an accomplishment we have made in so little time. Recording “Naria: Opera Pop Supernova” took a lot of time, dedication and teamwork mixed in with a whole lot of fun!

Recording our first track for the album was definitely one of the most exhilarating experiences for all of us. “Addio” was the first song we would record together that was specific to our genre of Opera/Pop. We were all anxious to see how our voices blended together in a recording and how people would respond to Naria and our music. We knew “Addio” would be the perfect song to launch us into the world of music and when we released the song as our first single, it felt somewhat like a rite of passage for all of us; the journey had begun!

Recording had its challenges as well. Of course, there were times when one of us would be sick and still fighting to record because we had deadlines to meet. At one point, Katya completely lost her voice for two whole weeks. Furthermore, for some strange reason, almost every time I was scheduled to record, something would go wrong: a car tire blew, the electricity was turned off because there were workers outside fixing something; our producers child was ill and we had to wait two hours for him to return; and on one other occasion, all of the power in the studio had completely burned out…what an adventure!

We were so fortunate to have two outstanding musical producers/arrangers on board with us in the making of our album: Dima Graziani from Toronto and Haim Mazar from Los Angeles. Dima was always so encouraging in the studio working closely with each of us to ensure that the final product was exactly what we had envisioned. Offering us Turkish coffee at the start of every session was an added bonus! Haim, although far away, was always quick to respond to our questions and ideas and he managed to create music that would fuse different sounds specific to Naria’s style. What incredibly talented and passionate musicians they both are and always enough so enthusiastic to be a part of the Naria team!

We also had the great honour of collaborating with super talented singer/ songwriter Romina Di Gasbarro for the creation of our song “1+1+1”. Funny, the song had just been completed and a couple of days later, Beyonce made an appearance on American Idol singing her new release “1+1”. Now if that isn’t a coincidence, then I don’t know what is!

All in all, recording our fist album was very rewarding in many respects. There is a special feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you create something that you can truly call your own. As talks are underway regarding our next album, we are excited for this wonderful journey to continue… We hope you enjoy “Naria: OPERA POP SUPERNOVA”!

~ Michelle Danese, NARIA

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