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Naria Official Press Releases

Naria In Cannes France

Introducing Naria and their Debut CD – Opera Pop Supernova

NARIA performs in Artbeats Gala


Naria Radio Interviews

Haze FM Interview: [ Part 1 | Part 2 ]


Naria in Print

Ovaground Mogul Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2013 issue: NARIA

OGM magazine

The Voice of Vaughan, Holiday Edition 2012: Heavenly Harmony

Macleans magazine, June 21, 2012: My video adventure at Killarney Provincial Park

Mississauga News article, Feb. 6, 2012: Naria Nominated

Mississauga News article, Dec. 23, 2011: Fame finds opera pop group

Mississauga.Net: Summer Day Celebrates Arts

Vaughan Citizen Newspaper and article: CD release sets Naria singers a-flight

Mississauga Life, fall 2011 issue. Pop Opera Sensation to hit Celebrations Square October 1!

Release of Opera Pop Supernova set group flying

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Release of Opera Pop Supernova set group flying, part 2.

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Naria on TV & Film



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