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Anna Bateman
I feel truly lucky to be a part of this wonderful group known as NARIA.

It’s an interesting process to take individual talents and have 4 become 1 with the melding of voices.  Coming from a classical/operatic background, I am having an amazing time embracing the very different yet exciting world of pop/classical crossover music.

To do this requires more than harmony – this requires a commitment of time and energy and respecting each other’s talent, skill and listening for the “what if we did this?” which often occurs.  This process is bonding us as voices, as women, and ultimately as friends.

We’re sisters in this experience and I am so looking forward to the journey we have set out on together!

I truly believe that when you work hard at something you love there is no way it cannot be achieved. Sometimes it comes to you in ways you would never expect but always in the way you need it the most!

Anna Bateman
Anna Bateman Feature
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