Naria’s Holiday Supernova Show

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Our first year of NARIA has been incredible! The women of NARIA: Katya, Anna, Michelle and Annaliese have been together for a full year now and our hard work and dedication has resulted in astounding successes. NARIA wanted to put together an intimate Christmas Concert to honour all our fans, family and friends.

Us, NARIA girls, spent many days rehearsing; learning and having a great time with choreography, harmonies and making sure everything was perfection. We wanted our premiere concert to be highly entertaining, professional and also to be fun for everyone participating and watching in the audience.

This concert was a passage to enter a new realm of success for NARIA.

We brought a lot of emotion and excitement to the stage with our music. We were honored to be performing at the CBC Glenn Gould Studio due to its world-renowned accoustics and the intimate atmosphere that helped us create an intimate connection with the audience.

Sunday December 18th, 2011 – The Big Day, Holiday Supernova started by unloading the packed van at 9:30 am. There was so much preparation to be done. Our incredible Make-up Artist, Taylor Lazazzera started her magic with all the NARIA girls. Then the sound check, the cue to cues and a complete run- through of all of the songs. It always takes longer than expected and the scheduled one hour turned into three hours! The stress was calmed with sips of warm tea and then getting dressed and ready in our favorite sequined dresses. We were ready to charge the stage!!

This Supernova concert was also blessed to have the show opened by the fabulous singer, songwriter, Clara Lofaro. She serenaded the enraptured audience with her strong, soulful voice with songs off her new album (name?).

Also, a first for our group was having the dynamic young “Consonance Chamber Orchestra”.

We were very fortunate to have Dima Graziani on the drums, who is also our amazing music producer/ arranger. The ethereal piano accompaniment by Hyoseon Sunny Kim, performing The Moon, Someone Like You, Oh Holy Night, and La Barcarolle was a delight to all!

Oleksandra Fedyshyn, virtuoso violinist, joined us and brought great excitement with one of our favorite pieces ”My Mother Taught Me”. Let’s not forget the charming children’s “Lanor Choristers” with conductor Elitza Yordanov, they were an adorable and energetic treat to share the stage with!

We wanted to end our first concert with our incredible new song entitled, “MY FAITH”. The uplifting melody and lyrics really brought to life by our emotions and in the end brought the audience to their feet.

Bouquets of beautiful flowers were presented to everyone and then we all headed off to enjoy a well deserved after-party at HUSH restaurant. Here we mingled and shared a toast with all our fans, friends and family.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Katya. She has been the true inspiration for all us NARIA girls, she has been the mother and creator and has done an absolutely amazing job!

Don’t forget to come back to our website and facebook page to see the performance pictures and read about our upcoming performances!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to be part of NARIA’S journey and for being there on this momentous day!

You are truly members of the NARIA Team!

Pictures taken by Bina-Asya Akhoundov.

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  1. My heart is filled with joy for your success, sadness that I was unable to be at the Concert, and inpiration for the vision manifesting every moment for NARIA and each of you beautiful artists

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