The Making Of “The Witch” Video

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“The Witch” was Naria’s first feature music video, and we were all really excited to embark on this project together. The shoot began on a warm Sunday afternoon and I had the honor of being the first to be filmed. Our first location was Freestyle Farms in Norval, Ontario, a lovely farm run by Debra Burch and David Forgie. I was especially looking forward to this portion of the shoot because it had been years since I had the opportunity to ride a horse. Amidst the chaos that accompanies the first day of any shoot the serene nature of Calvin, the horse – my partner in crime – helped keep me calm and focused. The outcome of this day was not only a great scene for our video but also served as a perfect icebreaker for the cast and crew. We were ready for day two!

The next day started with a four hour drive heading north. We checked into our hotel, had just enough time for a quick bite, hair and makeup, and then off to a two hour hike up to “La Cloche”, one of the highest points in Killarney Provincial Park. The view was spectacular! The relentless black flies were no match for our killer fly swatting skills, and vocals. Here we filmed an acapella version of “Oh Canada” and Michelle’s solo scene. Followed by a race against time, we gunned it down the mountain to make it out of the park before the pitch black night set in…eek! We were split into two groups, the second of which wasn’t as lucky as my group and got lost several times trying to navigate the trails in the dark.

On day three I filmed my solo. Overcast skies and a light drizzle wouldn’t get in our way, a short boat ride to a close-by island and we were ready to go. Slightly cold for a late June afternoon, a warm cup of coffee (and a few shots of vodka) kept me motivated while we set up and shot my scene on a beautiful, gnarly, overturned tree stump. We kept our spirits high as we wrapped up this day and ferried back to land-ho, another day down and one more to go!

Day four… last day. Isn’t there always a bittersweet feeling? We began the day with Annaliese’s solo. Quick on their toes, our crew scouted an alternative location for her, as we elected to not subject her to possible pneumonia in the freezing water the day before. One camera-man down… no, not to the bears, to a family wedding… we continued on, piled into the cars, and headed back south for our last location. We were all struck by the beauty of the white sand beach in Awenda provincial park. Here we filmed Katya’s solo scene, set to a beautiful sunset backdrop over the water. Once the sun was down, we then filmed what was in my opinion the most visually dynamic scene of the entire shoot: the fire scene. What a spectacular way to wrap up this journey! Though as much fun as it was, I will admit, nothing beats jumping into my own bed at the end of the day!

~ Anna Bateman, NARIA

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