“The Witch” Video Release Party

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Naria’s official Video Release of “The Witch” took place on Thursday, August 18th. This exclusive VIP event was catered toward those who helped make the video such a success, along with close friends, family, sponsors and possible collaborators. What a magical night! What was once a quaint dance studio in downtown Mississauga, transformed into a beautiful high class venue for this special event. Wine, cheese, high bar tables, gold draping, candles, and champagne created an atmosphere specific to Naria’s style.

The night was a blast! As new faces continued to fill the room, I was able to meet and speak to a number of individuals who were all there to discover more about Naria, hear us perform, and see our very first music video. Everyone was interested in learning exactly how Naria came together, what my experience with Naria was like thus far, and what was next on the our agenda.

One particular highlight of the night was when it came time to perform! The anticipation had been building throughout the evening and we were all excited to perform for such an intimate audience. It was also the first time we would be sharing and performing our new song “Dear Juliet.” When the music started, the room became still as all attention was directed towards us girls ready to sing our hearts out. It was wonderful performing in such an intimate setting. A feeling of unity and beauty filled the room as we gave our audience a little taste of the power of Naria!

Before showing the music video, we all took turns speaking about our experiences in creating “The Witch.” Audience members laughed at our stories and shared in the joys and challenges of our experiences. When it came time to show the video, I was very excited to see and hear everyone’s reaction. The positive feedback was remarkable and a sense of great achievement came over all of us. We had created something together that we could cherish forever and in years to come, look back and recall the time when Naria was just born!

~ Michelle Danese, NARIA

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